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Best Fishing Places In The World – The Best Destination For The Best Catch

Are you bored with your current spots and want to enjoy the best fishing places in the world? Why not think about really special to go somewhere?

As you work so hard all year around, you may as well treat yourself to the best that the world has to offer. These places offer you incredible fishing experience as well as an overall adventurous experience.

All of the fishing novices love these places as they can go for excellent boating and outing feel in these areas. When you land up at the right fishing spot, fishing becomes even more alluring.

best fishing places in the world

The following text will give you a brief idea about the best fishing places near me and enjoy these as a fishing spot which comes first in mind.​

How to Pick the Best Fishing Place?

Fishing can be a demanding sport for the experienced angler and be a relaxing activity for anyone.

Regardless of your fishing experience or ability, a productive day of fishing depends on picking the right fishing places around the world.​

​First of all, determine what type of fish you want to catch. Try fishing for something you have never caught if you are spending the day fishing alone.

If you are a novice angler or taking your child along with you or you have a limited time; fish for bass or sunfish.Decide whether you want to fish from shore or use a boat.

If you start your journey with a large group or taking a child with you, fishing from shore is the best. However, take out a boat and move many times if you want to try some new spots and pick up.

Read the magazines or books article about your hometown fishing spots. For advice on where to find certain types of fish ask around the local bait shops.

You find fish by trial and error. But asking around for advice saves a lot of time and gas on where the fish are biting.​

You may go to the places on the lake your proposed type of fish is most often found. Along the shore or by rocks where there is lots of shade, Bass and sunfish dwell in shallow coves.

So if you’re fishing from your boat, cast along the shore for them. If you’re fishing from land, cast about 10 feet away from shore.

Where there is moving water look for walleye and musky in places. Rivers are a fun place to find them. But for the new boater fishing, a river can be challenging.

When you go to a new lake or river, prepare for much trial and error fishing. It doesn’t seem a matter of fact that what kind of fish you is after.

best fishing places

A little bit of diligence and the efficiency to learn as you go along is the only way to find out how to pick the best fishing spot around the world. If you are interested in catching a fish in a lake or river that know, chances there are a website you may go.

This website contains valuable information on boating, fishing and even campsites that are closed. Many folks that go camping do at least some fishing. If nothing can cook over an open fire to have a fresh meal of fish.

This website has also enriched with the information on what kinds and species of fish are in the river or lake.​ Another way to look for a few fishing areas that are best that about during the fishing seasons or while you are out, find out vehicles that have fishing poles in them.

Around in the back of the truck, an avid fisherman always carries a pole. So that they are consistently prepared if they have a spare minute, or see a new spot they want to try.​

10 Best Fishing Spots in the World

If you have your choice, fishing close to home is always fun. Which one of the best fishing place in the world do you visit first?

Each of these international fishing destinations tends to produce good numbers of fish. You will find anywhere a variety of species and some of the best breathtaking views.​

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If you want to look for great blue water fishing in close range, then Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places around the world.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico

It is known for its outstanding beaches¸ balnearies, scuba diving spots, with a vibrant marine life Cabo is the sea arch of San Lucas, Mexico.

Around the country, it ranks as one of the top five tourist destinations. During the holidays, vacationers escaping the bustle city life and the city become crowded with tourists.

Before the line fills fishing takes you about 10 to 40 miles run. But in Cabo, if you aim at the open-ocean aquatic portion it will take you about two miles.

You will find different types of captivating quality and size marine animals such as Dorado, marlin, wahoo, and sails. Wherever the Pacific Ocean saltwater blends with the inferior Sea of Cortez,

It was taken in a short range distance from the shore. Depending on your starting line it will take you not more than 10 miles run in the banks of Golden Gate and Gordo.

Wahoo and Dorado usually appear during the months of May through July. On October to November Striped, black and blue Marlins look.

Nassau, Bahamas

If you are looking for fantastic flats fishing the Bahamas is one of the best amazing places to catch fish around the world.

Nassau Bahamas

Nassau offers you excellent harbor, standard architecture, a notable mixture of the ancient world. And it is a busy port as the capital and largest city of Bahamas.

Due to its and beautiful natural beauty and tropical climate, the city attracts plenty of visitors. Near the United States among the other countries, with amazing domains of large flats or bonefishes Bahamas is the only country.

The Grand Bahamas flats are more dominant for a better catch in the empty areas of Abaco, Andros, and Long Islands.You might also see permit and tarpon along the western area of Andros.

As the official language of the country is English, language has not been a barrier among the tourist. You can stay at any fishing and lodge that provides anglers with guides when you are in that place.

Either throwing a fly rod or spinning gear guides could show you the catch flats into the large school of fish.​ Although you can visit this place anytime, the most dependable fishing time for flats is March to June. However, Summer and early fall plans might be ruins by hurricanes.

Montauk, New York

To locate great kinds of fishes on light tackle, Montauk is one of the best fishing places in the world. It is located near the side of the South Fork Peninsula of Long Island.

Montauk New York

Montauk has been the base for the navy, army, and air force. It has enticed lots of tourists primarily for its fishing. It is also believed to have claimed enough saltwater fishing record in the world.​

In New York, it is the commercial and recreational fishing center. There are several fishers visit the area to fish when the fishing season is on. Some hunters are heavily congested in the place.

False albacore or little tunny, fluke and some years, big bluefish, weakfish are present.The best time to visit the city around the year is September and October. But sometimes, it extends to November or December. Early fall is primarily the right choice.​

Melville Island, Australia​

If you intend to have a fishing trip to this island at the peak of the Northern Region in Australia known as the best fishing spots in the world.

Melville Island Australia

You will find the river systems hold a large number of Saratoga, tarpon, and barramundi while the offshore waters of the island are known queenfish, Spanish mackerel, coral trout and giant trevally.

The striking red cliffs along the coastline of the island give way to sandy beaches, rivers coastal creeks, and bay systems. Melville Island is almost as much about the setting as it is about the fishing.​

Aitutaki, Cook Islands​

Less than seven square miles Aitutaki is just a small coral atoll. In the waters of the South Pacific, the island offers significant saltwater sportfishing opportunities.

Aitutaki Cook Islands

Productive offshore fishing spots for species like as dolphinfish, yellowfin tuna, marlin, and wahoo are within a short boat ride.​

In spite of the fact that, the large bonefish that live in the sand flats of the Aitutaki lagoon are key concern why you might want to pay a visit to this tropical fishing wonderland.​

Hamilton, Bermuda​

If you want to find a big marlin, then Bermuda is one of the best fishing places in the world. Hamilton as one of the smallest capital cities is the major port, financial center and tourism hub of Bermuda.

Hamilton Bermuda

Bermuda boasted the international World Cup Blue Marlin Championship (for two large fish weighing 1,195 and 1,189 pounds) for eight times within 27 years. On the record, the largest blue is 1,352 pounds.​

Aside from blues, you will also find wahoo, white marlin, and yellowfin tuna. When coming from the East Coast, via America, Continental, Delta, Jet Blue, US Air and others, it is just a couple of three hours of the trip.

It boasts of its safety, civil, and clean aspects of the city, though it may be a foreign land. You will find beautiful beaches, golfing sites, restaurants, amazing diving spots, and everything. You can visit during the peak time of June to August.​

Louisiana, Missouri​

If anyone wants to see the fantastic saltwater fly-fishing, the Wetlands of Louisiana or the Mississippi River Delta as Louisiana-Mississippi Marshes is one of the best fishing locations near me.

Louisiana Missouri

Located in the in the northeast portion of Missouri, Louisiana is a city in Pike County. A hollow water environment composed with coastal marshes expanding from the western Mississippi into Louisiana.

It is particularly loved by the red drum.​ These marshes are familiar as excellent game fish of the world for fly rodders. You can also see black drum and seatrout and belligerent reds in about 15 to 35-pound range.

It is an hour or two from New Orleans the marsh begins. In sunny days of April through December sight-casting are best.

Panama City, Panama​

To catch big fish on poppers, Panama is one of the best fishing places in the world. Situated between the tropical rainforest and the Pacific Ocean in the northern part of the country.

Panama City Panama

Panama City mostly produces rugged coastline and offshore seamounts supplied with rocky headlands and near shore reefs.​

Schools of tuna guard the iconic seamounts. While shattering baits, these fishes can be seen soaring the shallow. You will find repeatedly seen with wide schools of dolphins.

Especially around the wafting logs Mahi and Wahoo will tack poppers.​ The kinds of snapper, roosterfish, cubera, Bluefin, large Sierra, trevally and other game fish are seen lurking near the shore.

It is just about two and a half hours from Miami. Expect a wet rainy season during fall; you can visit the place year-round.​

Key West, Florida​

If you want to visit a great sport-fishing town, Key West is one of the best deep sea fishing in the world. Regarding 18 feet and a 1-acre area welcomed as Solares Hill notify it a highest above sea level.

Key West Florida

It seems to be the gateway to the Dry Tortugas. And it lies in the center of world-class fishing grounds.​ Reefs, blue waters, and flats are the key attractions of the novices.

Key West showcases a regular pattern of seafood restaurants, different kinds, and flavors of lively bars and a fantastic area of accommodations. Join the party every night and stroll around the Duval Street.

Airlines like the Southwest, Airtran, and Delta bound into the Key West airport. On the outer reefs and tarpon in the harbor, you can visit year-round even on winters as an excellent time for sailing.

Malindi, Kenya​

To catch an offshore slam, Malindi is one of the top most fishing spots around the world. It seems to be the town of Malindi Bay at the opening of Galana River.

Malindi Kenya

It is located on the Indian Ocean coast of the country. For a billfish royal slam and a fancy, slam tourism seems to be the leading industry in the city where numerous tourists visit.​ Asking five distinct species of billfish per day fantasy slam has been tried on for a lot of times.

With eventually six species per day, the Kenyan anglers might likely be able to go beyond a fantasy slam such as the stripes marlin, blue marlin, black marlin, swordfish, sailfish and shortbill spearfish.

For offshore agreements, you are able to choose the efficiently trained team. Moreover, they can aim reef fishes and large trevally as well as near shore water sports.

Though billfish harbors in the water all year. During the months of January and February, it would be best to visit.Tags: best fishing, Fishing, Fishing Places.​


Fishing the greatest outdoor activities in any form of techniques, whether you hand to gather, net, spear, angle or trap. Every angler desires to have a mental list for dream fishing trips.

Almost all of the countries consist of beautiful spots ideal for this activity all over the world. These locations, best fishing places in the world should be one every fisherman’s list.​

Considering these excellent fishing destinations which I mentioned above can be a great help to you as a fishing enthusiast or even an experienced angler. And it will save your both time and money.

So, review this article the more you can and leave a reply or share your comments below.​

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