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Chain Pickerel – Learn The Facts That Can Help You Catch The Trophies

​Are you a fishing enthusiast love to catch the fish? So what type of fish you love to catch? You will find different types fish which fishermen simply target in their fishing endeavors.

While on the body of water some fishermen have a few different favorites that they look for, whereas others hope to catch each time one distinct fish that they reel in their lines.

One such fish draws a large fan base which is a bit unique is the Chain Pickerel. You will find many interesting facts surrounding the chain pickerel; to learn more about this fish visit this website where I compiled huge information given below.​

Chain Pickerel

An Overview of Chain Pickerel

The species is mainly a resident of the East Coast, though chain pickerel are found in waters as far west as Texas. Chain pickerel are not held in as high regard as their bigger cousins, the muskie, and pike. Indeed, comparatively some anglers target them.​

The Rodney Dangerfields of sportfishing calls pickerel. Pickerel are superb gamesters – aggressive, plentiful, hard-fighting and good-looking as well. Learn more about Chain Pickerel Here!


​In shallow areas over submerged vegetation Chain pickerel spawn in spring. They scatter their eggs and offering no parental care for the offspring. The pickerel lays up to 50,000 eggs.

Habit and Behavior​

With an abundance of dense aquatic vegetation, Chain pickerel are found in clear waters. They are visible in permanent wetlands, slow moving streams, and natural lakes.

How to Identify a Chain Pickerel?​

The sides which are greenish to yellowish are overlaid with a chain-like or reticulated, the pattern of black lines. Also, the pickerels feature gill covers and fully scaled cheeks.

The northern pike does not feature any scales on the bottom half of the gill cover and the E. masquinongy, muskellunge has no scales on the lower half of either the cheek or the gill cover.

​Key Distinguishing Markings

  • Chain pickerel have a distinct dark bar beneath each eye
  • The snout is long, broad, and rounded
  • A sharp set of teeth and large mouth
  • Head is large, naked, and depressed above
  • The large dorsal fin is located way back towards the caudal fin


  • In the Esox chain pickerel are the smallest gamefish
  • They can live for 10 years, max 3 feet in length and weigh 7 lbs

Fun Fact​

Pickerel is prone to be lurking hidden in the aquatic vegetation, solitary fish, waiting for catching to swim or drift by. Thus making them an exciting catch, Chain pickerel are in cursive​ fighters once hooked.


Esocidae (Pikes)​


Esociformes (pikes and mud minnows)


Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)​

Pickerel Location

​The weeds and chain pickerel go together. Masters of the art of surprise attack, pickerel lie in or just above aquatic vegetation such as cabbage, lily pads, mostly facing outward toward open water, looking for prey.

When something consumable appears, pickerel launch an offensive in a deadly burst of speed. Fishermen looking for chain pickerel, regardless of season, should fish weed beds.

Where weed growth is minimum, chain sides report to available cover and structure like fallen timber and rocks. But conferred a choice, the gold, and green, the long-jawed warrior is near deep or shallow and vegetation.​

Winter–Chain pickerel become active in freezing water, enabling them perfect ice-fishing quarry. Many of the years strong are pulled up by holes in the solid water. Pickerel love live shiners of all sizes.

But 4- to 5-inch lures evidence most lucrative, certainly to larger specimens. Arkansas shiners, emerald shiners, pond (golden) shiners, chubs, and sucker minnows all appeal to them.​

Chain Pickerel

Where to Catch Chain Pickerel?​

It inhabits the Canada and eastern United States, from Nova Scotia southward with most of Florida and all of the Atlantic coast states, Alabama, Louisiana, and westward through Georgia, as far as the Navasota River in eastern Texas.

It expands northward in the Mississippi River drainage from Louisiana.​ Below some information to you where to catch this fish


Chain pickerel is such a fish which is currently available in freshwater bodies along the Atlantic coast. If one intends to catch a fish that can be caught during all four seasons, then the chain pickerel might just be the exact one to look for when going to plan that fishing trip.​

This article has great information; you learn early from the above description. It has details that pertain to the species of chain pickerel such as habitat, eating habits, spawning, the best lures and baits and more.​

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