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Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Review – An Innovative Kayak





Hobie Mirage Tandem Island. Are you looking for a boat to do it all and have a whole lot of fun? In that response to take you sailing on the seas or to usage a floating family fun base, the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island is the perfect bundle’s adventure center.

Hobie Mirage is the latest addition to the Mirage product line up. The Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Review tells us the product is innovative to its design and premium feature make it perfect for the adventure lovers with a sense of style.

Among the kayak community, the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island is the popular one who loves kayaking. But the question is it right for you?

Hobie Mirage Tandem

Here in this article, we are going to review the best kayak product to give you the ultimate kayaking experiences.

​Why Choose the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island?

The Hobie Mirage Tandem seems to be the top of the line watercraft packs a ton of feature and weighs only 100 pounds. Users can opt for more such as an electric motor kit, a live-bait tank, and trampolines.

Your 25 miles of journey become easy because the fun is available in this boat.​ The Hobie Mirage Tandem Island keeps you safe on the sea with performing the best as you expected.

If you want a boat that convenient and versatile, look no further. Offering you tremendous flexibility, speed, and comfort at an affordable price, the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is like any other craft on the water.

Hobie Adventure Island to WindRider Comparison

Comparing the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island to the WindRider 17 below here. You will the WindRider 17 comparing to the other well-known boats Hobie Adventure Island.


It can be said that despite the visual similarities they are almost same to each other. The list of similarities given below:

  • They are both very durable or rotomolded
  • Both are very stable and trimarans
  • Both have sails

Similarities between two of these really end. The biggest difference between two of these are, the Windrider 17 is a sail boat, and the Hobie adventure island tandem for sale used is a super first two person kayak.

Each boat has unique advantages, distinct that highlight the different experience in owning and sailing them.


Hobie Mirage Adventure Island​:

  • The Hobie Tandem Island is lightweight (190lbs)
  • Transportation is as easy
  • The pedal system is known as “Mirage Drive.”
  • The Hobie Tandem Island trailer is versatile
  • This boat doubles as a standard kayak

WindRider 17:

  • WindRider 17 has jib and main sail
  • WindRider 17 can bring up to 6 people, while the Hobie Mirage is limited to 2
  • WindRider 17 can approach speeds of up to 20mph
  • The trampoline design and bow ensure that the waves break beneath you
  • Usable trampolines mean more cargo space

Comparison Chart


Hobie Tandem Island

WindRider 17

Top Speed



Mirage Drive



# of Passengers



Sail Area


Upto 225sqft

Foot pedal steering






Is it Worth to Buy?

When it comes to a question whether or not to purchase the Hobie tandem island accessories, it relies on up to your needs. Yes, the price is exceeding, but only for those who are looking the less complex kayak.

The features of the kayaks make it valuable.Anyone can invest to have fun, and it seems to be a great investment for a long run.

The multiple purposes, the storage, and convenience it offers make it worth the price; and the prime concern is if you want the type of luxury one.​

What to look for in Hobie Mirage Adventure Island?​

Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is a kayak. Here is the sneak peak of Hobie Mirage features given below:

Amazing Technology​

The Tandem Island is equipped with innovative and advanced technology, which serves to increase the speed, efficiency and fishing capabilities of the kayak.

This technology takes the form of the Lowrance Ready system and the Mirage Drive system.Mirage drive is simply a pedal which takes the place of the clumsy and common paddle.

So that kayaking becomes efficient and simpler. When the sail is up and when it is furled the Mirage Drive also gives you the option of pedaling the kayak.

On the other hand, to improve your fishing experience the Lowrance Ready system comes with a built-in transducer mount.​

Comfortable Seating​

The Tandem Island equipped with a Vantage seating system. This system ensures the absolute comfort for all sailors who want to spend their all the times at sea.

The adjustable seating comes with four settings, which can modify the height, seatback, bottom and lumbar support for your benefit.

The cockpit can easily be transformed into a platform when the conditions are not ripe for sailing that can be pedaled like a standard Fishing kayak.​

​Excellent Sail Performance

The tandem island sailing is outfitted with a roller furling main sail. It is as similar as rig found on its Hobie Bravo sibling.

Allowing for a great sailing experience and extraordinary performance, this bottomless main sail has a large surface area.

With the simple pull of a line, the furling controls are found in the cockpit. It allows you to manage the sails easily.​

Highlighted Features

  • 2-Piece Carbon Fiber Mast
  • Patented Roller-Furling Sail with Battens
  • Kick-Up Centerboard, Fully Retractable
  • Stow Rudder and Twist with Large Sailing Blade
  • 2 MirageDrives with Turbo Fins


  • Easy to operate
  • This is a very stable kayak
  • Spacious storage options
  • Can be used as a standard kayak
  • Durable hence you will enjoy a long lasting use
  • The kayak is versatile
  • Various color options which include ivory dune, golden papaya, and red hibiscus


  • Expensive
  • Boat is large and heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Has anybody used this? How is the seat comfortable to use?

Yes, it seems to be the best as I ever owned. It is provided with a seat offers four levels of adjustments to enjoy your desired comfort.

Q: How do you find this kayak model?

It seems to be a sit on top kayak which is very stable and durable.

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Final Verdict

The kayak which offers a multifunction is an excellent Hobie invention that will change the way you sail. We come to know from The Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Review, that it is versatile, durable, reliable and easy to handle.

It allows you to explore the blue waters in a fresh and formerly impractical way.So, forget the large price tag and weight of the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island, it undoubtedly offers value for the money.

So to take the decision, you should don’t waste your time on whether it suits your budget. Over the next ten years, this Tandem Island kayak will pay back handsomely.

Feel free to review this article consciously and leave a comment below.​

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