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Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak review










Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak review Fishing is quickly achieving lots of popularity, all around the globe. Millions of fishing enthusiasts around the world comment it a ‘cool’ hobby.

Before, it was calculated a hobby for middle-aged men alone. Today, young men and women are experiencing it up and truly, in large numbers.

Deciding that you are consummately equipped with reputable fishing gear is highly valuable. This is what promises an enjoyable and successful fishing expedition.

As such, having the perfect fishing kayak like Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak makes not only recreational fishing efficient, but also exciting and comfortable.

There are hundreds of models and brands to choose from, and choosing the right one needs intensive research, alongside taking different factors into judgment.

Below, we promise to review the Old Town Vapor 10 review, attempting to ascertain whether it is a great kayak or not, and testing what it has to offer.​

Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak Review

This old town 10-feet vapor 10 angler recreational fishing kayak is one of the best, most well known brands available now. It is the best choice for both professional fisher and those who desire to have fun on the water.

It will provide the absolute pleasure of fishing as well as kayaking.Old Town Vapor 10 offers the spacious room in a strong craft and incomparable stability that will steal the hearts of even the most accustomed person.​

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What are the Features of Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak?​

Old Town is known to as the oldest manufacturers nowadays. The Vapor 10 angler of Old Town is absolutely among the best Kayak choices available today.

It is a high entry-level, conveniently affordable kayak.Initially, Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak features a polyethylene-constructed hull which is durable and lightweight.

Kept in mind that it has been designed with the angler’s comfort.​ It is perfect for anglers willing to carry loads with them on fishing journeys.

Besides to the well-designed dashboard and spacious cockpit, this recreational kayak is completely easy to control.

Below are features of this kayak analyzed through old town vapor 10 reviews in details to help bring forward what the Old Town Vapor 10 Angler is truly offering?​

The Design of Old Town Vapor 10​

This Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak exception among many others, given that it is well and intelligently designed.

Old Town Vapor 10​

The overall standard and craftsmanship are well evident in the great dashboard’s design, having two cavities molded into it, and cup holders. Its dimensions are as defined below:​


  • 10-feet long, 28.5-inch wide and 16.75-inch high
  • Cockpit size: 48-inch and 19.5-inch
  • Weight: 49 lbs
  • Total load transferring capacity: 325 lbs

​The actuality that the cockpit is open is surely an added advantage. It changes the whole experience into something even more exciting.

It was a highly exciting experience while experiencing through this kayak in respect of designing old town vapor 10 reviews.

Its design is completely accurate, considering that it is close enough for enjoying warm while in cooler temperatures and yet open enough to confirm for exact circulation of air.

​You will find it surprisingly easy to spend the whole day fishing or to capture in photography without feeling any muscle strain or cramps.

Construction of Old Town Vapor 10 Accessories​

The construction of this kayak is non-foldable and one-layer polyethylene. Nevertheless, it is conveniently lightweight and comparatively of short length.

This makes transporting, storing and carrying completely easy to do. At either end, there is a carrying handle. It sits on the water accurately, holding its balance appropriately well in a high position above the water.

Should you reverse, you will find it extremely easy to right it, using very minimum effort.​

Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak’s Comfortable Seat​

You just have to sit back and relax as you catch your targeted species with this Vapor 10 Angler Kayak. It features a comfortable seat so that you will have long distance paddling very simply.

This comfortable seat has components that mold themselves relying on your body shape to allow maximum comfort. Besides, there is plenty of area in the cockpit for easy embarking.

The thigh braces and padded foot are adjustable, qualifying you to have the perfect paddling position.​

Weight and Control of Old Town Vapor 10 Angler​

This 10-foot fishing kayak weighs a decent 49lbs. It is easy to carry without having to worry about discomfort. Among its most interesting features is it’s unbelievable tracking.

Once you engage a decent speed amount, it will move at an excellent pace, feeling like it truly has a motor. It is easily maneuverable and suitable for slow-moving ponds, lakes, and rivers.

The effortless paddling makes it highly efficient and appealing. This is an actual result coming out of old town vapor 10 reviews.​

Ample Storage of Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak Package​

When you are starting your journey into the waters, you will find a few things that you require to carry with you. Such things include a rain cover, safety equipment, lunch, waterproof bag, and any other thing that you may need for your fishing trip.

This kayak offers a lot of space to store such items that you need to carry for longer journeys.​



  • It’s reasonably priced and well affordable
  • The Vapor 10 is durable, individual to deliver service for long
  • Its shape is fantastic, amazingly cutting through the water
  • It features a convenient drain plug
  • It comes with comfortable thigh pads



  • The exterior of the kayak scratches easily

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this kayak have a keel?​

A: No, this kayak does not have any keel​

Q: How much weight it can carry?

A: It can carry around 275-325 pounds.

Q: What kind of material uses for the seat?

A: it uses foam which makes it comfortable.

Q: How much people can sit in it?

A: only one can sit in it.

Q: How long this kayak is?

A: It is about 10 feet long.

The Recommendation You may Consider about Old Town Kayak Fishing

We considered it was lightweight, a great user friendly and stable kayak from a company with an extreme reputation for making standard products. The old town vapor 10 review is in our records a massive investment with real customer recommendations.

The person who just wants to get out on the water can go for user friendly kayaks. Recreational kayaks are easy to maneuver and stable, making them.

It is not going to be the sort of kayak you take out into rapids, but then again it is not planned for that. For what I was utilizing it on, it did admirably well.

The waves were interestingly big thanks to the size and windiness of the lake, but it is enabling to span them without issue, and I never felt like I was going to tip over if I moved wrong.

Differentiate with the canoes I am used; the kayak was particularly much more maneuverable but without the loss of aspects from a canoe that I love so dearly. I doubt I will go back to using canoes again now that I have this.​

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Final Words

If you are fishermen, beginner paddler or sportsman who is looking for space, efficiency and comfort, then this easy to maneuver Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak was made with you in mind.

Considering the level of performance and comfort of the old town kayak models, this is absolutely a product that is worth your investment.

Also, this sporty vessel is rich in features that will meet all your anglers’ requirements. You are guaranteed of better rides on any type of water with this excellent kayak.​

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