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Prowler Trident 13 Kayak Review In 2020

Are you looking for the kayak that is best for you? Or looking for an excellent fishing kayak? Well, you are here at the right place to look out the best PROWLER TRIDENT 13 kayak review.

Over the years, among the fishermen kayak fishing is increasing in popularity. The fishermen who enjoy fishing know mostly, how important to get closer to the fish.

Using a kayak for fishing, get not only the opportunity to find the fish but also catch them. And you will get many benefits when you are using this fishing kayak.

The Ocean Prowler Trident 13 Kayak will be the worth investing in when you are looking for the kayak that is specially designed for fishing.​

It is as stable as enough that works perfectly well on rough and calm waters. In this article, let we discuss this kayaks and its reviews. Keep reading our reviews and continue with us.​

The Prowler Trident 13 Kayak Reviews

The prowler trident 13 kayak is the perfect mix between features and price. It is one of the fastest and user friendly sit on top kayaks available.

Over the ability to maneuver and will appeal to sporty types, the length of the kayaks makes it great for those who prefer speed. It offers you a terrific performance and stability.​

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The prowler trident 13 is designed for the professional anglers looking to maximize features in a 13`hull. It moves very well in the water and tracks well. Below here are briefly described prowler trident 13 kayak reviews:​

Prowler Trident 13

What to Consider Before You Buy a Fishing Kayak​

You will spend significant money on it, whatever kayak you choose to buy. So you should make the right decision before you for a fishing kayak. There are many factors you should keep in mind when you considering which kayak to buy, including these features.

The Design Makes it Easier to Use​

Size and Weight​

The Trident kayak can hold on 475 pounds. And it is ideal for anglers who are tall or carrying more weight. In developing a longer length kayak, the designers have been brilliant and, it comes in at 13 feet and 6 inches.

It has a robust stability. The balance between maneuverability and stability is spot on in our opinion.​ Compared to some other fishing kayaks it comes to 67 pounds which are relatively light.

​It is also for those who are not fit to struggle and manage the kayak easily. We should say that when trying to your roof or you may need help moving the kayak any distance, but usually you should be OK.

Sit on Top Kayaks​

It is very easy to paddle for everyone including a fishing enthusiast and the experienced, sit on top kayaks are very stable. Besides these, these types of the kayak can be used on the sea, rivers, estuaries, lakes and canals.

A cockpit differs these types of the kayak from the others as it does not have that one. And the hull has self-bailing drain holes.The hull of the sit on top kayak has a double wall and making them impossible to sink by trapping air inside of the hull.

You don’t find any difficulties to get on and off these kayaks. Thus it becomes suitable for the beginners. Sit on top kayaks are very stable at around 15 ft although they should only be used in calm water.​


From prowler trident 13 kayak review tell us, it aims to go very fast and will get you there in no time if you need to travel a long way to fish. It is ideal for getting through breakers.

It is excellent in rough waters. That said, for the new paddlers the pace of the kayak can be very daunting.​ It is the recommended model for the experienced kayakers because of their speed. It designs for the novice to buy.

You will run to adapt to speed in time. But to become an expert, you need to walk before you run. By adjusting the foot braces, you can personalize your kayak. Especially for the longer anglers, it is very handy features.​

The Kayak has a Comfortable Seat​

The most important part of the sit on a kayak is its seat. The Trident 13 overcomes the exam with flying colors. Being a tall person, I use this and find it easy to move around and for this thanks to the foot braces.

I could adjust them to my feet length. And didn’t find any problems adjusting to them.​ Providing you an extra comfort it has a seat back area. For the fishing enthusiasts, this kayak offers comfortable paddling position.

Without any problem, I mounted my 8 feet fishing rod. Besides, this kayak has a cup holder as well. So, while working for the fish, you can drink the coffee.

Also, due to the color option being available; I found it easy to camouflage my Kayak for productive fishing.​

The Sonar Shield is Benevolent​

Just like to me the anglers who love fishing will enjoy using this kayak, because of its Sonar Shield. For the fish finders, it offers an enclosed storage when it is not in use.​

Apart from this, it protects the unit when it is an operation. And it allows you to read the screen exactly well even in bright sunlight. This kayak, as a bonus offers you a battery bag and transducer compatible scupper.​

Low Center of Gravity Counters Tough Situations​

The prowler trident 13 has a low center of gravity. It has a little problem with kayaks is that when the wind picks up; the walls tend to sway with the wind where a person is sitting.​

To move in the right direction, it takes hard for the boat in that situation. With a low center of gravity, my kayak neglects the wind. And I keep myself from becoming a sail.​

Additional Features​

The product dimensions 160 x 28 x 16 inches and item weight is 54 pounds. The shipping weight 60 pounds. It can only ship within U.S. and is not eligible for international shipping.


  • Sonar Shield guards the Fish Finder Radar
  • Holder without involving your hands
  • Simplistic yet effective design
  • Paddling this thing is easy thanks to the aerodynamics
  • The low center gravity makes you save from swaying in the waves
  • The seat has support for your back and foot adjustable foot braces
  • To keep the rods steady in various positions the kayaks has a fishing rod


  • Off-shore performance is Sub-par
  • For some of the fishermen, the price is a bit of a concern

​Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)

Q: Is the kayak foldable?​

A: No, you can’t fold this at all​

Q: Will it fit into standard kayak carrier?

A: Yes, it will. It is lighter than most. When transporting it, you will not have troubles.

Final Verdict

The price of the kayak might be unrealistic. But from the prowler trident 13 kayak review, this comes with an affordable price range including all features you need for fishing. It seems to be the smaller version of the hugely popular boat.

I found this Trident 13 kayaks as it is sturdy and durable enough. Experienced anglers will be very happy with this kayak. You should be fine with this purchase.

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