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Ae1007-R Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak Review





If you have the adrenaline rush, you’d surely need reliable equipment, sturdy gear and heart of steel for navigating rough waters by paddling.

However, if you don’t have robust gear such as AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak your paddling experience is incomplete.

The AE1007-R Convertible Inflatable AdvancedFrame kayak from advanced elements used as both solo and tandem kayak is a day touring hybrid.

How does the AE1007-R kayak be fair? Let’s take a brief look at AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak Review.There are many different solo and tandem kayaks on the market to choose. But, the one that I prefer to buy was the Ae1007-R Convertible Inflatable Kayak.

Advancedframe Convertible

In this article, we are going to discuss the review of this model which exceeds your expectations and many hours of paddling fun with it. Make lots of fun and enjoyment; Check here how?

Ae1007-R Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak Review

The as AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak is an excellent 15 feet fishing kayak. It can easily paddle solo or tandem.

So, You can conveniently convert it from a solo kayak to a tandem kayak within seconds since it provides you an option for single and double decks.​

With its advanced design, you also get a rigid bow and stern frame which offers more versatility concerning an interchangeable deck. This will not only stand up to a variety of environments but also broad enough to be comfortable for long rides as well.​

Why I Choose this Ae1007-R Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak?​

​I will outline top four reasons for choosing this model given below.

Reason # 1

I prefer to a solo kayak that all on my own I would be able to handle. In other words, I wanted to keep the weight down. If I wanted to make an extended paddling trip while still having the option of piling it with cargo.

So, The Ae1007-R Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak can easily transport it on my own. And without any extra fees, it is still light enough to check onto an airplane.

Reason # 2

I wanted such a kayak that was as quiet as affordable. I knew from the research I did that prices vary widely. You will find some excellent top of the line models to choose from and would last you forever. However, if I could, I wanted to keep the costs down. But still, have the fairly standard quality inflatable boat.

This Ae1007-R Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak cost me under $500. And it is known to be able to withstand several years of kayaking fun. It also constructed with durable PVC and tear resistant fabric.

Reason # 3

I wanted a kayak that can paddle on slow rivers, lakes and in some easy ocean kayaking. This model has several options available and fits all those needs that provide excellent performance, style, and comfort.

Reason # 4

Another reason is the reviews that are excellent. I come to know from the reviews I read; that mostly are positive. And for the average recreational kayaker, this model is extremely popular. The style of this model is nice, and its design and looks remind me of a hard shell kayak.

What to Look for the Features of the Ae1007-R Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak?

​The Advanced Frame Convertible kayak is packed with features that will make your kayaking much easier, as you can imagine. Below, we are going to go over the top features about this kayak as we all learn all there is to learn.

​Fantastic Construction and Design

Your biggest worry is whether it will hold up to rocks when you buy an inflatable kayak and another underwater obstacle that can rip it apart.

Thankfully, the design and construction of the Advanced Frame are top notch. It implies that you will be paddling with this kayak for years to come.​

The hull is built with inbuilt aluminum front and back ribs that form the high qualifying stern and bow. And this improves the speed, durability and tracking abilities of the kayak exponentially. When you are in this kayak, you will find yourself slicing through the water with ease.


Moreover, the inflatable kayak is built with durable and double-coated PVC and nylon, 3-layers of heavy duty, with a tarpaulin fabric and electronically welded seams that will not puncture easily. 

The kayak has a length of 15 feet and 34 inches width as well. Its weight is 56 lbs and can hold a maximum weight capacity of 550 lbs.​

Outstanding Comfort​ Level

If you love to spend extended hours out on the water with the help of fishing kayak, then the AdvancedFrame Convertible Kayak is perfect for you.

This is because designing to increase your comfort it is composed of several features such as high support, adjustable, and padded seats that will eliminate anybody fatigue.

The interchangeable and convertible decks also offering you to create the arrangements of many seats that will optimize your comfort. There is also accommodation for a spray skirt. And it makes the Advanced Frame AE1007-R kayak one of the most versatile inflatables’s out there.​

Plenty of Space​

You will benefit from ample onboard storage with the AdvancedFrame Convertible Kayak and while leaving ample leg room that will have the capacity to store all your gear.

The roomy nature of the kayak implies that you feel supremely comfortable when you are going for long trips on the water. In a storage hatch, storage can be found behind the rear seat. In addition to bungee deck lacing, this can secure extra gear.​

Solo or Tandem Kayaking​

The Advanced Frame AE1007-R kayak offers three seat locations. This model allowing you to paddle tandem or go solo with someone along for the ride.

The interchangeable deck can be a switch to and fro in mere seconds. So you’ll always have the option of paddling with a friend or on your own.

​Easy to Set Up

It is extremely easy to set up. Rather than writing and explaining down in words, why do not you watch this short quick video which offers you to show the setting up the Advanced Frame AE1007-R kayak.

Additional Convenience

The Advanced Frame AE1007-R kayak. and tracks and paddle just as well; however it is portable and compact as the average inflatable.

This easy to assemble kayak has several features such as molded rubber handles, paddle holder, inflation TwistLok military grade air valves and high-flow spring valves.​

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  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Tracks straight
  • Paddles fast
  • Quick and easy to inflate and deflate


  • Drying and cleaning the kayak is a long process
  • Kayak is heavy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it possible to turn into your body while you are in the water and can face the other person without tipping over?

A: Yes, it is possible. And in fact, this is how I kayak with my wife. Without falling over, she turns to me sometimes. It is an excellent kayak.

Q: Is the deck included in the price?

A: No, there is none is included the price. You need to buy this separately.

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What Consumers Say About It?

With the online customers, this kayak has been a very well standard model. Most reviews point out how well it paddles straight, how sturdy it is a significant improvement over other inflatable kayaks. Many consumers also admire how comfortable it is.​ Also, Before selecting your kayak; Just read this guide. How to select the best fishing kayak

Final Verdict

Ae1007-R Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak Review ensures that this model is one of the most durable, versatile, sleek, compact, high-performing and functional inflatable kayaks on the market.

This kayak can be paddled in tandem or solo, providing you the luxury of taking a friend with you as you embark on the adventure of your life.

Despite its arduous drying process and slightly heavier weight, the AE1007-R is the perfect kayak for lakes, rivers, bays, and estuaries.

If you are a travel or kayaker, a camper who wants to ride seamlessly in the water without getting wet. With the Ae1007-R Advancedframe Convertible Inflatable Kayak, you can do it all, and that is never a bad thing.​

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